11 August 2006

You've got mail

After about five days without checking e-mail I opened my account to find it consisting of:

1) An e-mail from college saying they've sent holiday reading in the post. Damn.

2) An e-mail from some dude called Dr Sule Usman who is apparently working for a prince in Burkina Faso who needs to hide his money in foreign accounts including mine in order to escape persecution. Apparently all I need to do is send him my bank details and I will receive a cash reward for helping him. Ok.

3) Four e-mails offering me quick and easy university degrees.

4) A message without a subject title from someone called "inchesinweeks". Maudslay boys, is this the new business you've been setting up?

5) An e-mail from a girl called chri3t3ne with the subject title "ilikedoggy".

6) A couple of forwarded e-mails threatening to blow up your computer unless I send it on to twelve more people.

I love it when people communicate with me.


Anonymous Rino said...

yo dude... item 2 is hilarious!! hahaha

Anonymous mus said...

hehe. I will forward it on to you if I can find it in my inbox.


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