10 July 2006

Speechless (literally)

I arrived in Indonesia hoping to meet the mother of all summer holidays. However, this hasn't happened yet because the mother, father and angry brother of all throat infections turned up instead. I've lost my voice, which means that I am unable to express my anguish through the beauty of song. Blogging and handwritten notes are going to have to do for now.

Anguish is probably the wrong word. Just 'pain' is more appropriate here. Anguish is what the French are going through after losing the World Cup Final to Italy last night. Zinedine Zidane, what on earth were you thinking? A moment of genius with the penalty (which, by the way, would have gone down as a moment of idiocy had it not gone in) followed by a moment of inexplicable madness in extra-time. What a way to end the best playing career in the last twenty years.

It would be a shame for the match to be remembered for the head-butt but it unfortunately probably will be. It would be better to focus on the fact that it was one of the best World Cup Final matches there has ever been. It's certainly the best I've witnessed. Both Italy and France played the game in the spirit of true champions, that is to say, with the full desire to win the match. Occassions as big as these are normally spoilt by teams being too afraid to lose but neither side seemed to have those fears last night. Both went at it positively and it made for a brilliant match befitting of what has been a tremendous tournament. I can't wait until 2010. I would never have guessed it at the start of the competition but Italy are World Champions. Congratulations to them.

Right, off to gargle some salt water. Mmmm....


Anonymous Monsíéur ChRís said...

Awhh mann!!... Get well soon brutha!!... Can't believe your throat get's ill wen u wanna scream 'HAPPY DAYYYSSS' all across Indonesia!! hahaha.....

Gurgle that salt Mr Mus... ;)
Swim in the sea or something...!

Anonymous mus said...

Thanks man! Hope Newcastle's treating you well.


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