02 July 2006

The morning after

I can't believe it but I don't want to watch football anymore. I just can't hack it after yesterday. It's too difficult. Of course this feeling won't last forever and it's just the depression talking. I know I'll be watching again by...well, I'd say this afternoon.

Watching Sven say farewell (he wasn't as bad as everyone says he was) and David Beckham
tearfully announce his resignation as England captain this morning didn't help much either. Your mood is (obviously) all in the mind though and it's easy to lift yourself out of these feelings. I mean, whisper it quietly but football is ultimately just a game. It's all a matter of perspective. There's always another way of seeing things.

For example, this is Sven looking upset during his final press conference this morning:

Now come on Sven, let's turn that frown upside down. Think of your whopper wages and
that song Spurling and Bradshaw wrote about you in 2002:

See, I bet you feel much better already don't you?


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