19 July 2006


Went to a new gym today. You'd expect most gyms to offer a variety of excercise services like aerobis classes, yoga, boxercise, circuit training and the like. This gym has gone one, two or maybe three hundred steps further though. They are offering a 'sexyology' event.

Sexyology. What on earth is sexyology? The picture on the advert didn't make it totally clear but you can sort of guess what it might involve. It's probably something about exercising to enhance your attractiveness. Either that or the 'gym' I'd stepped in to was actually a brothel. This is clearly a highly advanced sporting facility.

Whatever it was, the people there took a good look at me and asked me if I wouldn't mind teaching the sexyology class. And after that a pig flew over my head.


Anonymous vaq said...

yea mus, basically its 3 sessions a week, il b teaching 1st half of each session and jessica alba will join me in 2nd half for the practical demonstration. hope you can attend...

Anonymous mus said...

I'll bring the webcam.


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