16 July 2006

Out of bed

Apologies for the absence. After my throat decided to give up on me, the rest of my body decided to follow suit so I've spent the last week in bed hugging my pillow and hot tea. At one point I thought my illness had fallen in love with me because it had stayed for longer than the normal four days. It was almost like a marriage proposal or something. However, after upping the dosage of anti-biotics I think it understood I wasn't interested in anything long term, packed its bags and left. Getting out of bed never felt so good!

Don't know how much sleep I'll be getting once I get back in bed though. It's wedding season in Jakarta at the moment, which means lots of wedding parties in the kampung (village) around my house, which in turn means loud dangdut until the wee hours of the morning. Great. If you're wondering why I'm so 'happy' about it, just watch the clip below. It's Kopi Dangdut, the seminal piece of popular music of the 90s in Indonesia. Think about what Wonderwall was to Britain and you've got the same thing with Kopi Dangdut here.

Actually, I'll admit it. I do secretly like Dangdut. After all, it is the music of my country...just not at 3am.


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