01 August 2006


I made a bad mistake. My youngest bro and I shared a suitcase when we went to Bali and when we unpacked I must have put some of his clothes in my cupboard instead of his. The result of this was the travesty that happened at the gym yesterday morning.

Before leaving the house I was in a hurry and I just threw some clean clothes in to my gym bag including a pair of boxers that looked identical to mine. You can guess what happened next now can't you. I finish at the gym, go to the changing room, shower, open my bag and find a pair of my brother's boxers instead of mine. My brother is 13 with thighs half the size of mine and a waist 5 inches smaller. It was the type of moment the phrase "oh shit" was made for. I felt like Wallace and Gromit in The Wrong Trousers except the wrong boxers here didn't have special powers.

As I saw it I had three options:
1) Wear the now-sweaty briefs I'd worn while using the gym. For the sake of hygiene and the noses of everyone around me this was never going to be viable.
2) Go commando. This is never a good idea for anyone with a zip-fly. It is even worse when, as I did, brought a pair of baggy shorts to wear. I might have scared people in public so didn't do this option either.
3) Wear my bro's underwear. By default, this was what I had to do. To say it was snug down there would be an understatement. Tight would be more appropriate. I couldn't walk fast because the material was so tight around my legs that if I'd extended my leg too far the boxers would have ripped (which would effectively have meant I would be going commando, thus landing me in the further problems associated with that scenario as discussed above). I had to try hard not to climb up stairs walking sideways for the same reason.

In short, it was a painful experience but probably not as painful as it was for my brother when I got home and told him his underwear might be a bit bigger than they were the last time he saw them. Better buy him some new ones tomorrow.


Blogger miss DYnam!te said...

mussss!!! a tad too much info bro!! hehehe

Anonymous RinoCrapino said...

mann... i will never see my bro's boxers in the same light again... HUHUHUHU

Blogger 89 said...

I would've thought those small boxers would have been more than ample for you...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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