23 July 2006

Sand and sea

The sandals, shades, bucket and spade have been packed and we're off to Bali for five days tomorrow. The belly is probably not yet beach-worthy (I should have gone to sexyology class) but who cares, I'm going to whip it out anyway.

I better remember the sun-block as well in that case. As I am brown-skinned I used to think I was immune from sun burn but I was proved seriously wrong last year. I lied on the beach in St Ives without block for only four hours but turned in to a proper lobster and couldn't wear a shirt without stinging for about three days. Then came the peeling. It was as if my whole body was falling off. My white genes were kicking me in the ass with a vengeance.

There's been a bit of a worry about going to the beach because of the recent tsunamis here and the terrorist attacks. I won't lie and say it hasn't bothered me either but maybe it's not worth worrying about. It's a harsh truth but the fact is that we could die at anytime and anywhere. If I chose to avoid all of life's risks I would just stay at home but then even there I could slip in the bath and die there or something. Maybe if it's our time to go then it's just our time to go no matter what we're doing so it's probably best just to get on with our normal lives...although to be honest I know I won't be lying on the beach for as long as I might have been. Hopefully we'll be alright.

Anyway, Balinese ladies watch out - me and my belly are on the way.


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