29 July 2006

Burned in Bali

I did it again. I thought I'd learned my lesson from last summer and put sunblock on my back, chest, arms and face so I wouldn't get burned. It worked because I feel fine in all those places but I forgot my legs. Legs! I didn't even know you could get sunburn on your legs. I assumed that my legs were hairy enough to protect my skin from the sun. Oh the folly of an amateur sunbather.

Oh well, you can't come back from a beach holiday without bringing back a little bit of redness and stinging as a souvenir. Bali was very relaxed as usual. No tsunamis, no bombs and no one planting drugs in our luggage at the airport so all in all it was a good holiday. I'm not being fair to the place by saying all those things. The island's had so many bad things happen to it in the last four years but you can't take away from how beautiful it is and how welcoming its people are. I love it and have no hesitation to say that it's one of my favourite places in the world.

It didn't stop Afandy making his bag look like a wrapped up lunch-sandwhich so no one could get him in to some
Schapelle Corby-style mess though:

Then again this shouldn't have surprised me as it is the same guy who decided to make friends with a starfish on the beach:

There are few better feelings than having nothing to do apart from watching the sun, the sand and the sea stretching far in front of you...even if your legs get burned.

I'm always amazed by the sea and the sky. They are both so vast, so deep, so powerful and so eternal. At the beach they meet and form a magnificent blue, which makes me remember how big the world is and how small a part of it I am. In that sense it is a much needed ego buster!

Armand and Alina. So small amid the magnificent blue.

Time now for summer dreamin'.


Blogger miss DYnam!te said...

hey mus! damn i wish i was in bali! i'm back in college stuck in a classroom everyday while missing out on the sun outside. you have fun and take care!

Anonymous mus said...

Thank you! Good luck with all the exams. I'm sure you'll be magic!


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