17 August 2006

New season

The new Premiership season is but two days away and, as you'd imagine, I am excited. It's going to be a big season for both United, who will want to push on and try to win the league, and Reading, who will just be trying for their dear life to stay in it.

To stay in the league, Reading need to concentrate. On the evidence of the new squad photo, this might be a problem. Check out Harper, Kitson and Murty (bottom left of the page). It looks like they're more excited in each other than the new season.

Look a little closer:

The proximity between Harps's hand and Kit's love muscle is slightly worrying.

I shouldn't be surprised at this. I listened to the radio when Reading were having their victory parade at the end of last year. When the interviewer asked Harps how he felt, his answer was "The truth is, I love Dave (Kitson). I want to marry him, I'm going to ask him." Mind you, this is also the man who said "I love soccer. Without soccer, I am nothing. Without me, soccer is nothing."

So Harps and Kit I expected, but Murts...I'll put it down to team bonding.


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