14 August 2006

Mid-blog-life crisis

It's been a year and a day since this blog started after I closed down my old one from uni. I thought about what happens on TV series when they reach milestones like the 100th episode or if one of the main characters has a turning point in their lives. The writers seem to be a bit lazy and instead of writing something new they just run a half hour 'flashback' episode where we're just shown highlights from past episodes.

This might just be because the writers think viewers like seeing highlights, and most probably do, but I find them quite boring. However, I'm starting to understand their problem because here I am, one year on after starting this blog, and I'm feeling pretty uninspired. I've got blogger's block. The temptation now would be just to whack up links to past posts from this blog but I don't want to do that because (a) it would be lazy, (b) there probably isn't anything that exciting that I could dredge up from the archives, (c) you could flick through the archives yourselves if you were ever bored enough to do that anyway.

The most important reason, though, is that this is a blog read by a very few people, not a TV series watched by millions. Most of what I write here relates to things I've seen or done or thought and in that sense the blog's existence is a creature of my own self-indulgence. No one wants to see a re-run of my own un-extraordinary life. So here's where I come to my own turning point. I've woken up to how silly this blog can be at times. I do my best not to, but a lot of the time I'm ultimately just writing about myself.

That's pretty pathetic isn't it? (How ironic that I ask that question in this, the most introspective post I have ever written and the type that I have always tried to avoid writing). It's like turning being on Kilroy. It is the blogger's mid-life crisis. It's pretty embarrassing that I have basically been writing about myself so the question is now where to go from here. Keep writing in the same style or change the style.

Turning this thing in to a David Hasselhoff tribute site is a definite possibility...


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