06 November 2005

Remember remember the 5th of November

It's been 400 years since Guy Fawkes tried to blow up parliament. Every 5th November the Yeoman go down to the cellar and check no one's rigged it up with some TNT but they know they won't find anything. It's just for tradition. The English love it.

Hence the throngs that descended on Lewes, East Sussex for their annual bonfire jolly on 5th November. The town has 10,000 inhabitants but last night the estimates were that there were 60,000 people there (myself, Aunt and Uncle included) to see people dress up in funny costumes, risk a blazing inferno by carrying their flaming torch in one hand, sleeping baby girl in the other and throw dolls of Guy Fawkes and others in to a fire. If this was any other country than England, people would be arrested for some of the stuff they were burning.

In effect, it was political correctness that they were throwing to burn brightly in the fire just for the one night and told their kids they could do the same (Father Christmas wouldn't mind their naughtiness on this occassion and they'll still get there presents next month). No one minced their words in their revelry and I won't here for much longer because I got some pics:

There were so many people on the street. You could hardly move. Crowd surfing would have been one way to get through but, as you might be able to see, that was ruled out by the amount of people carrying flaming torches in their hands.

Paintings of the Queen, a Union Jack, the national anthem, fire and a whole lot of drunk people.

I don't know if this guy was in costume or people along the way really didn't like him. Maybe it is flame resistant toilet tissue.

That's more like it.

Nelson made an apearance from the dead. Check out the people on the walls and in the windows. The best part of the night was to see so many happy people.

This guy is cribbing my style.

Imagine singing songs and roasting your marshmellows around this campfire.

This is what £10,000 looks like when it's in the middle of going up in smoke.

Thank you to Uncle Sharif and Bude Ti for a fun evening.


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