30 October 2005

It doesn't happen often enough

When you have nine people in your family and have a foot in both England and Indonesia and the ones in England are spread out around the country and everyone has their own life with the unique commitments that come with it, it's rare that you can get them all together in one room. We managed it yesterday even if it was only for a couple of hours.

We planned to break fast together with a seafood dinner in China Town in London last night. It was a good thing we were meeting up just after darkness because the sex shop-lined Soho streets are not the kind of place you want to be walking your fasting eyes through during Ramadan. At least I was saved the frustration I would have felt if I'd stayed at home to watch United lose 4-1 at Boro on the telly.

It's not just the logistics of getting everyone there that makes taking nine people out for supper a challenge. We thought we'd make it easy for the poor waiter by writing down our order on to a bit of paper so all he'd have to do was take it away. You'd think that with an ACA, a BA, nine A-Levels and 40 GCSE's between us we could do that properly but obviously not because the poor bloke had to come back and ask confusedly what we wanted because he couldn't read our writing. Anyway, it was worth it when the food came.

I would have taken more photos than this but a) my fingers got a bit greasy from cracking open the prawns and b) Has told me stop: "Oh my God, you're such a tourist". We headed for ice cream in Leicester Square before going home and when Has wasn't looking I managed a quick snap of the place. I love when it's buzzing like it does on a Saturday night.

Leicester Square's a great place before 11pm when the pubs empty so we headed off our separate ways before that happened. Idul Fitri should be on Thursday and hopefully we'll all be back together for that too.


Blogger miss DYnam!te said...

oh wow.. the food looks soo yummy. u better tell me where that place is! hehe..Eid Mubarak to you.


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