28 October 2005

Sweet dissapointment

Was so looking forward to going to the Reading v Leeds match tomorrow...until two minutes ago when I went to the website to buy tickets and found out it was sold out.

SOLD OUT!!! This is the first time in my time as a Reading fan that I haven't got a ticket because the place was full. Obviously I'd love to go but it's awesome that we're selling the Madejski out at this stage of the season. It shows how much we're improving. Let's hope we win.

Talking about stadiums, Brighton have finally got permission to build their new home. Their fans have been talking about how they feel like they're "in Heaven" and how it's brought "a tear to the eye". The new ground will be right here on the South Downs:

Without wanting to dampen the mood, I have to ask if anyone else notices that slope...


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