22 October 2005


Thank you all for remembering today. I was very touched to get all your messages. It was so kind of you to care. Thank you espescially to Uncle Sharif and Bude Ti for the traditional sing song down the phone. It gets better every year.

I will leave it to you to guess who sent me this:


My parents gave me a digital camera, which is wicked becuase it means I can now turn this blog in to a multimedia extravaganza (on that subject, does anybody know how to play songs or show videos on here?).

Having lived on my own for the last three weeks, it was great to have my brothers and sisters here for their half-term.
Anyone who saw Robert Pires's 'penalty' this afternoon will understand another reason why I smiled so much today. It was a great day and, thanks to Mum, the icing on the cake was (fittingly) the cake:

Thank you everyone. God bless you all.


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