03 November 2005

Happy Idul Fitri

Yesterday was the last day of fasting and today was Idul Fitri.

It has been a testing thirty days for many reasons but in the test lies the blessing. I have learnt so much about myself since Ramadan began. I have witnessed my many faults and I feel lucky that I have been shown them so I that I can make an effort to change.

I never thought I'd do this but I'm actually going to have to quote Kanye West: "We at war with society, racism, terrorism but most of all we at war with ourselves." We can't hope to make the world a better place without making our own inner-selves better first. It starts from inside out. This is the thing I have learnt most from the last month and I hope I can now put it in to practice.

As is the custom, and as is my feeling, I would like to ask for your forgiveness for anything I may have done to hurt or offend you in the past be it on this blog or other times.

May God bless us all.


Blogger ling-a-ling said...

hey hey!!!
HAPPY IDUL FITRI yea??? have fun ;)


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