18 October 2005

I am turning in to a dork

Vid wrote on the Warwick05 blog that she wanted to know if it is a reasonable estimate to say that Indonesia received Rp 23 trillion per year from fiscal tax (paid on leaving the country). Either I am a real dork or I am just a bit bored with my homework (or both) but I spent about 20 minutes going through it in my head.

So Vid, just for you:

Rp 23 trillion? Hmm...

Fiscal tax is about Rp 1 million.

So...find out how many trips out of the country are made by Indonesians every year
=23 000 000 000 000 /1 000 000 = 23 000 000 (23 million).
Therefore 23 million exits out of the country must be made every year.

Does this make sense? Well, maybe try size up to a 'per day' figure.
=23 000 000/365 = 63013 exits per day.

Let's assume that the bulk of these exits are made at Soekarno-Hatta airport.How many Indonesian nationals fly out of Soekarno-Hatta everyday?...A 747 has a capacity of 400 passengers. A smaller, mid size plane used for int'l flights probably has around 200, so let's say an average flight out has about 300 passengers on it. Of those passengers out of the country maybe only half are Indonesian. Thus, about 150 Indo's leaving on an average flight.

How many flights are there per hour? I think there are normally about 20 flights listed on the departures board at any given time and these cover a time span of about an hour. So assume 20 flights per hour. So, 20 flights x 100 Indonesians on board = 2000 Indo's fly out per hour.

Flights normally fly out between 5am and 11pm. That is 18 hours of flights.
18 hours x 2000 Indos - 36000 Indos fly out per day. This is only about half the 63013 exits needed per day to hit the Rp trillion per annum estimate.

However, it is very possible that 36000 exits may be made out of Indonesia everyday from other ports around the country eg Surabaya, Denpasar, Medan. With this in mind, it seems reasonable to say that the annual takings from fiscal tax is Rp 23 trillion.

Having said that, this could be absolute bollocks because I think that the GDP per annum is around Rp100 trillion, meaning that fiscal tax would amount to as much as 2% of GDP. This surely can't be the case. 23 million exits a year sounds a lot too. The population of Indonesia is 220 million. Is it possible that the equivalent of 10% of Indonesians exit the country every year? I'm not sure 10% even have a passport. Also, some of my assumptions could be rubbish eg. should I assume all flights out are full? Are there really 20 international flights leaving Soekarno-Hatta every hour?

I am a dork.


Blogger fe li ci a said...

i am i-m-p-r-e-s-s-e-d.....*open mouth*

Anonymous Mus said...

Don't worry. Just watch the karaoke film and you won't be impressed anymore.

Anonymous vid said...

HAHAHAHAH..Mus..WOW u should have done MORSE instead...well the person who interviewed me said the figure is reasonable with certain assumptions (so make your assumptions)..hehehhehe...I was so confused with it especially with so many 0s..BUT Mus u definitely did better than me..hehheh...like Fel said *open mouth*

Anonymous Mus said...

hehe. Good to know the answer! I think if you keep practising these questions they will get easier. I had to do so many in interviews last year.

Turned in to so much of a dork that I practised myself around campus thinking to myself "How much money does the Uni make from coffee sales every day?" etc.

Now you know what I was really doing when you were all at OWW rehearsals ;)

Good luck with your interviews! Let me know if you get good news!


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