23 October 2005

Something familiar

I thought I'd left my Lit degree behind. This is obviously not the case considering some of the questions for my Tort tutorial:

"In the following situations, examine whether a duty of care is owed:

a) Helena hears a child crying and on investigating finds that Titania, aged 4, has fallen in to a nearby stream.

b) Edgar is HIV positive and has unprotected sexual intercourse with Cordelia.

c) The Forest Vale police is transporting Rosencrantz and Guildernstern, two dangerous criminals, to be interviewed about a recent murder. Rosencrantz and Guildernstern escape killing a passer-by in the process. The Forest Vale police also fails to catch Horatio, a serial rapist, until he has raped six women, despite receiving an earlier tip-off that Horatio might be involved."

(These are all characters from Shakespeare plays, namely A Midsummer Night's Dream in (a), King Lear (b) and Hamlet (c).)

It feels like Groundhog's day.


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