17 October 2006

Stand up for Stephen Hunt

He is innocent. Mourinho is off his nut. If I were Hunty's lawyer I'd tell him he has a case against Mourinho for defamation.

Of course I have complete sympathy for Petr Cech and hope he recovers soon. A fractured skull is always serious in any situation. At the same time, there is no way Hunty could have slid in to him on purpose. He's just not that kind of player. Watch it and judge for yourself:

The only thing he could be guilty for is having a shocking haircut and loving the chairman a bit too much at the promotion celebrations last year:

I will be at the game against Arsenal on Sunday and if Hunty plays, myself and 22,000 other Reading fans will be on our feet raising the roof for him.

Stand up for Stephen Hunt.


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