17 September 2006

Negotiation skills

I've just made the deal of the year. I've just persuaded my sister who hates football to come and watch Reading play third divison Darlington in the Carling Cup on Tuesday with me, my bro and some friends. I can't believe I managed to do that.

The lesson learnt was that the way to win a negotiation is to work the other side on something they really want. Thankfully my sister is fairly easily pleased so the only thing I had to do to persuade her to come was to agree to have fajitas for supper on Wednesday night. Then she even offered to cook them herself. Part of me thinks I should feel guilty but that will probably pass pretty soon.

I'll consider it as a gift in return for what happened this weekend. I was about to go out for a meal with some friends last night when I got a call from my little bro's school to say he'd broken his wrist playing rugby and may need to have surgery. I had to drive up to Peterborough to see him in hospital at about 6.30 this morning. Luckily he's feeling fine now but I've been knackered all day. Getting home in time to see the end of United lose to Arsenal didn't help my mood much either. You win some you lose some I guess.


Blogger fe li ci a said...


selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa maaaaan...

check out my indoo yo! ahhahaha...menunaikan man... i dont even know wat it meaaans!!! hahahah... but yeaa.. happy puasa... hehehe..sounds weird. but you get my point yeaaa.. hahahahaha...

Anonymous mus said...

Terima kasih man!


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