01 October 2006

And although Shearer was so much dearer...

...please don't take my Solskjaer away.

Great to have you back Ole.

He scored twice to
win United the game against Newcastle and send us top of the league again. He probably didn't know very much about either goal. The first one came off the post straight on to his foot and the second just went in off his knee but he deserves that kind of luck after being out for two years. What a legend.

A great day for super Reading, super Reading FC as well. They keep surprising me by winning but I'm not complaining. A 1-0 away win at West Ham and we're sitting pretty on 13 points before the international break. Unbelievable. As far as I'm concerned, we've still got 27 more points to go until safety but if we keep this up we'll hopefully get there with time to spare.


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