11 September 2006

The OC

Unfortunately I'm not talking about the TV show with that gorgeous Mischa Barton. An OC is the name for someone who used to go to my school and Saturday was the annual OC swimming and water polo match. I have no idea what I was doing there seeing as I hadn't been back for three years and that was also the last time I'd swum a competitive race. Still, it was a fun afternoon that brought back lots of good memories.

I used to spend about 15 hours a week training in this pool and many of my school memories are of good times spent in it. It was a very nostalgic experience being back.

It was good to see my old team mates and go through the routine we used to do - make fun of each other in the changing room, intend to to a ten length non-stop warm up, do a three length warm up and get knackered, sit on poolside cheering everyone else, watch Rob win his race and then run to the bathroom to throw up, wait there crapping yourself about your race, swim the race, lose the race, race again, lose again, changing room, match tea, go home and tell everyone we lost again. Ah, good times.

It was good to see everyone again. We had a competition between ourselves to see how long it had been since we had swum. I think my three years won it (it was in fact the only thing I won all day) but everyone looked pretty tired after their races:

Contrast that to the fit young things we were back in 2001:

The one thing I remember about this photo was Dan (looking glum on the far left of the bottom row) complaining that we had to wear our shirts because he'd worked all term on his pecs and abs so he'd look good for it.

As usual, Rob won his races. There he is smiling before he made his traditional sprint to the bathroom to throw up.

The standard of the school's water polo has improved beyond belief. As we were leaving the school we'd got to the point where we were only just starting to win matches but four years on the school are national champions. It was good to see but painful to play against. The kids never stopped swimming and I for one found it hard to deal with. I used to be able to play a full 28 minute game. On Saturday I lasted 7. I blame the studying Law.

Thanks to everyone for an enjoyable afternoon. See you next year...


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