27 September 2006


This is what I feel I am tonight. I got semi-mugged this afternoon but only have my own naive and gullible self to blame. Some guy stopped me in the street and told me he had a £5 note he wanted to change for some pound coins. I had £5 in coins so was glad to help out but then he took the coins from my hand and ran off.

I was shocked and almost ran after him but then thought against it because it wasn't worth it. It's Ramadan and I didn't want to break my fast by getting in to an argument with someone over a fiver. It was in daylight (yes, that's how stupid I am - getting robbed in daylight) so I wasn't that concerned about anything drastic happening but it still wouldn't have been worth it anyway.

It's his loss at the end of the day. I felt so stupid afterwards and I'm going to have to make a resolution to be meaner when strangers ask me for favours from now on. No more Mr nice Mus.


Blogger fe li ci a said...

nooooooooooo.... i waaant mr nice mus.

ahahhaah...dudeeeee...you did it out of good intent maaaan... and some other people might have reaaaally needed the coins to take the bus or soemthing. He was just an exception. but yea...quite scaryyy man...

Anonymous mus said...

Don't worry Fel, of course I will still be nice to you. Just not to strangers...unless they are female and very good looking...and give me their phone number.

Blogger fe li ci a said...

ahahhaha... silly!


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