05 September 2006

The end is the beginning is the end

Had the first day of the LPC (Legal Practice Course) today. Before this morning I saw it as the last year of glorious studentdom but after a fairly intimidating introductory lecture I think it's more like the first year of my career. I'm not really sure how I want to treat it. I know I should treat it as the latter option but there is a very lazy man inside me that wants to cling on to my student days. So confusing. The end is the beginning is the end.


Blogger PJ said...

i know how you are feeling Mus.

before you head off to work pack some extra sense of humour with you.

i think you will be fine.

good luck with your new career.


Anonymous vaq said...

if you are classed as lazy i dread to think what i would be called. I wish you luck mus, even though it won't be needed.

ps - ur still a student if your primary email address is ...@hotmail.com and not some corporate rubbish

Blogger fe li ci a said...


you N A C maaaaaaaan!!!


Anonymous mus said...

Thanks guys! Hope all's well with you. Good luck with your jobs/uni.


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