10 October 2006

Big Britain

Britain is the fattest country in Europe. Well, at least we're the best at something. As always when stats like that come out, the news programmes had a field day showing pictures of larger people walking around town, ice cream in hand or pie in mouth.

It made me wonder how they're getting these pictures. Surely they don't go up to people on the street and ask permission to film them walking around. Are these guys just hiding in bushes or something trying to get snaps of bums and bellies? What happens if you're watching the news at home and suddenly, see a report on obesity and then see your ass or your belly being filmed walking down the street? Would you be proud or pissed off?

Oh well, if you've got it you might as well flaunt it. Just like this Newcastle fan:

No shirt. No shame. Go on my son.


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