18 October 2006

More Hoff

"The legend in leather trousers was in London this month to talk about his favourite subjects — himself and his music. The hair may be flecked with grey but the Knight Rider turned pop star (he’s big in Germany) has lost none of his swagger or corny charm.

Before I ask a question he has kicked off with a pun and a name check. “We’re Hoff and running,” he says without a hint of irony. Mentally I fasten my seatbelt."
(from John Alridge's article in The Times, 15th October 2006)

The man never ceases to fascinate me. Click here for the rest of the article to see just how cool he is. If you STILL can't get enough, see below for the latest in Hoff music videos.

No one entertains like this man can.


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