31 October 2006

Being scrooge

It's not yet christmas but I'm being scrooge already. It's halloween and the trick or treaters have been kocking on the door for the last half hour but I'm hiding away upstairs because I don't want to see them.

It's not that I'm scared or being mean but I completely forgot it was halloween so didn't buy any sweets to give. The only thing I could give them from my cupboard is some cabbage. Their parents might thank me but they probably won't. I'd rather pretend I'm not in than open the door, tell them they can each have some cabbage andthen have them throw eggs thrown at my door.

This really isn't going to help my street cred with the neighbours who probably already don't like me very much. They all live in very clean, nice houses but ours has a bit of wear and tear at the front and I only ever mow the lawn and trim the hedges when they get really long (ie. the size of the average rainforest). I think that's probably knocking a good few thousand quid off the value off their houses so I'm probably not their best friend at the moment. Giving cabbage to their kids is unlikely to help my cause.

Anyway, happy halloween everyone. Here's a clip of the scariest man in the world (Michael Jackson) doing probably the longest (but best music) video ever to help you get in the festive mood. Ironically this is made before MJ put on his mask. It used to scare the life out of me when I was small.


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