23 October 2006


I made the big leap and hit the big two-three yesterday. I did have a great day but there was good, bad and ugly on the day.

- My college friends giving my a surprise cake (complete with candles and song) at the pub on Thursday night. I was really touched guys - thanks very much!
- Having all my family back home.
- The day coinciding with the last day of Ramadan.
- United beating Liverpool 2-0.
- Driving with my bro to the Madejski, full of hope that we could beat Arsenal.

- Sitting in the pouring rain watching Reading get whalloped 4-0 by Arsenal.
- Sitting in the pouring rain getting hit by the Arsenal players' shots in the warm up.
- Sitting in the pouring rain right next to the Arsenal fans celebrating their team's genius and rubbing it in our faces. Arsenal were quality. By far the best team I've seen at the Madejski.

If you want to see dissapointment, watch the clip below (apologies for the foreign commentary). When it comes to the replay with the view of the keeper and the fans behind him, look at the top right corner of the goal. There is a guy waving his hands about trying to put Henry off. He is sitting next to a guy wearing an orange shirt. Watch him as Henry's penalty goes in. His hands go down, his shoulders slump, and he puts his face in to his hands.

That man is me. The guy in orange is Has.

- My haircut. I've given up on gel, which means my hair is in its natural centre parting. It is not a babe magnet.

Thanks everyone for your e-mails, texts and calls. As it is also Eid, please forgive me for my many shortcomings in the past month. God bless you all.


Blogger -jiaen- said...

Happy Belated Birthday Mus! And Selamat Hari Raya/Happy Eid! =)

Anonymous mus said...

Jiaen! Long time no see! Good to hear from you.

Thanks very much. I hope you're well and enjoying your studies and life.

Blogger jen said...

haappppyyy belaaateed birthday mus!
streamers and sunshine for the bday boy!
god bless.

Blogger PJ said...

Happy Birthday Mus!!!!!

Happy eid too!!!!

Stay true always... xxxx

Anonymous mus said...

Thanks girls! Hope you're well where you are.

Anonymous Sidra said...

you weren't by any chance at the Imperial graduation this wednesday were you?

Anonymous mus said...

Can't say I was mate.

Blogger ling-a-ling said...

hey MUS!!!!
happy belated birthday!!!!!
God Bless ya always.

Anonymous mus said...

Thanks Shiling! Hope you had a good time in Hong Kong. Got any good pics?


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