08 May 2006

Talking to the barber

I was having a chat with the barber as he was cutting my hair today. I won't be doing this again. He cut the front of my hair as I was talking and some of it fell in to my open mouth. He didn't notice and just carried on chopping.

Some of it just fell out but there was a fair chunk stuck to my tongue. I couldn't do anything. It was a bit of a dilemma. Do I embarrass myself a little and try to scrape it off with my hand in front of everyone? Or do I take it like a man, avoid the embarrassment and just swallow it?

I swallowed. I don't recommend it. Never talk when you're having your hair cut.


Blogger fe li ci a said...

HAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAAHAAHHA..... dude dudeee... you reaaally maaaade me laugh out loud this timee.. the above is a REAL laugh! not a cirtual laugh!! hahahaha...and daaamn.. i'm doing my mask right now.. and you are making my mask craaacks cos i cant stop laughing.. AHHAHAHAH...

duuudeee..why did you swallllowwww it!! ahahhahaha.. you should have pushed it out of your mouth and let it stay on your lips for abit.. the brushed it off with your hands... orrr....blow it away maaaaaan!! ahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaah......

you are damn funny.

you just made my day mus.

Anonymous mus said...

I'm glad you're amused man. I'm traumatised by the whole thing :p

I thought about blowing and semi-spitting it out but then thought it would look really odd to the barber if I just starting blowing in to the air while he was talking to me. It was a total lose-lose situation.

Sorry for ruining your mask.


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