28 April 2006

Da Vinci coding

The judge in the Dan Brown copyright trial was clearly totally immersed in the case because he embedded a Da Vinci style code in to his judgement. As a Law student I take my hat off to him for making reading judgements a little more interactive and entertaining.

He's inspired me to make this blog more interactive and entertaining as well. I have written the wisdom of a mysterious wiseman below in mysterious code. It is the wisdom that turns a failed exam in to a passed one so it might be worth cracking. Enjoy and then proceed with revision.

Kilxizhgrmzgrmt rh orpv nzhgfiyzgrlm. Rg uvvoh tllw dsrov blfiv wlrmt rg yfg fogrnzgvob blfiv qfhg ufxprmt blfihvou.

(clue: turn the alphabet around)


Anonymous KH said...

Mus, I'm just as bored as you. That's why I successfuly 'decode' it. You're funny!

Anonymous mus said...


I was wondering if anyone would try to do it! Nice one man but you don't even have to bother about exams anymore - lucky guy!

Hope you're enjoying your work bro.


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