21 April 2006

When the end is not the end

You think you've finished your essay then you realise you haven't. You realise it's rubbish so you try to fix it a bit. Then you're 800 words over the limit so you try to cut them out. You do that then have to do the bibliography. You do that and then comes the coup de grace - you realise you've gone through the whole essay spelling 'director' with a capital 'D' when it's not supposed to have one....

Did a search of the word in the document. I found 179. I am now going through my eight page essay making big D's small d's. I wish I wasn't so anal.


Anonymous vid said...

Mus, some tips, maybe a bit late, but for future usage..
u can go to edit then replace, and just replace Director with director.

Blogger fe li ci a said...

woaaah..vid...computer expert dee!!!!


Anonymous mus said...

Wah Vid, jagoh komputer nih...

I've done all of the changes manually but I'll remember that for next time - would have saved me a lot of time.

Fel, sudah selesai project? :p . Keep going!

Anonymous vid said...

i learnt at work, made the same mistake like u, replacing one by one. huehehhuehue

Fel, how's ur mugging man?

Blogger fe li ci a said...

still going man still going...

mus tried to send you songs to your email..but got delivered back..send you next time then man..

thank you for concern you two...AHHAHA..


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