30 April 2006

The news no one wanted

Yesterday was a big day of footballing headlines. Chelsea beat Man United to win the league (let's not dwell on this for too long...), Birmingham and West Brom were relegated (a sad day for the West Midlands I love so much), Alan Curbishley quit Charlton.

However, the news that caught the attention was Wayne Rooney's injury. He's unlikely to make it back for the World Cup. Gary Lineker took the words out of my mouth last night when he said "Never has an injury depressed me so much".

Rooney turns England from a good team in to a great team and it would've been awesome to have him at the World Cup. But this is life. Shit happens. We have to know what sweetness tastes like but have to understand bitterness too. This may not be any consolation to Rooney but this dissapointment is all part of being a human being. I hope he recovers from this quickly and comes back next season stronger than ever.


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