25 April 2006

That's why I love football

Picture the situation. Your team is winning by a goal with only two minutes of the Champions League semi-final to go. They're tired, jaded, spent. They don't know how much longer they can go on for. They haven't got any finger nails left to bite, their hair has moulted and they're standing in a pool of sweat...and that's just the fans.

The other team gets in to the box, the centre forward gets pushed and goes down like a sack of potatoes. The referee gives a bizarre penalty. "There goes all the hard work", you think. Then one of the best players in the world steps up to take it...


It's moments like this that make me love football. I knew he'd do it. I just had this feeling. With all the chances Villareal missed during the game you knew it had to be Arsenal's night. As soon as he made the save I texted Has, Afandy and Kate saying "Name on the trophy!". It surely must be now. Kate's brother told me today that he was worried Jens would have a stinker tonight and blow it all. I bet he's glad he was wrong!

Well done Arsenal! In to your first Champions League Final.
Well done Jens Lehmann! You are a nutter but you are a hero tonight.
Well done all you gooners out there (you know who you are). Enjoy Paris in the springtime and do the Premiership proud.


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