27 April 2006

Keep your boys cool

I'm a lazy little bugger when it comes down to it. I prefer the sofa to the desk and I do most of my work on it. I usually sit on the sofa with my computer on my lap when I use it. It looks like this is going to have to change because Roy alerted me to this story.

Apparently just a little bit too much heat 'downstairs' can make you infertile. Forget about renewable resources. There are more important things we can do for the next generation, like making sure they get here in the first place. Gentleman, keep your boys cool.

The lap top is going back on the table now. I think I'm going to take this a bit further and make sure there's never any over heating down there. As the summer months approach I think a few hours sitting in the fridge might be in order. I might have to drop trousers and rely on shorts to allow for ventilation as well. The safest thing would obviously be to roam the streets naked but this opens up a whole load of other risks that just aren't worth taking.

This is my effort. Let it not be said that I am a man who doesn't care. All you men out there join me and fight for the future - keep your boys cool.


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