07 May 2006

The Fear

Things are getting a bit hairy with only two weeks until the first paper. I actually saw some guy cry in the library the other day. Honest. He just broke down, put his head in his books and started to shake and make sniffing noises. I felt so bad for him. I wanted to tell him I'd been there before but I don't even know him so thought it best to pretend I hadn't noticed in case he felt embarrassed. Amelia said she was in the registry and that there were loads of people calling in saying they were 'ill' and needed an extension for their exams. Seems like everyone's coming down with The Fear.

The thought of twenty hours of exams isn't the kind of thing that fills my heart with joy either. I've been going through a range of emotions. Some mornings I wake up thinking I am the shit. I think I understand everything and that I'll remember it all for the exam. Three hours later I'll go right the way down to realising I know nothing and thinking that I am just plain shit. I'll go to bed in a nervous mood and wake up in it too. Then by lunch I think I'm amazing again etc etc etc etc. It's a rollercoaster of confidence. At the moment I am at the "I am shit" point.

There's only one cure for this - sing. Give it loudy. Pump the lungs and release the tension. I promise you it works. You might feel like a complete fool while you're doing it but it really helps to relieve all the seriousness and tension. Use loud upbeat songs and let rip. The cheesier the better. At the moment I would recommend:

1) Tony Christie - Is This The Way to Amarillo?

(Alternative lyrics: Show me the way to Aston Villa, Man United and Middlesborough, Wave by bye to Coca Cola, the Premier League awaits for me, shalala lalalala hoops!)

2) Status Quo - Rocking all over the World

I like it, I like it, I like it, I lalala like it lalala like, here we gooooo....

and then the Daddy of them all:

3) Touching me, touching you...SWEEEEET Caroline (BA DA DA) Good times never seem so good....

Go on. I dare you.

Different uni's and schools will be starting exams soon. I hope that whenever you start it goes well for you. May God guide your minds and your hands and help you achieve all you want to.

Good luck!


Blogger PJ said...

Remember someone once told me that repeating God's name in my head will help me to get a clean night's sleep if I'm scared or nervous. Remember remember ?

Aiya, you told me that last year when I had bad exam dreams.
And I have been following that advise ever since.

You too k. Say a little pray when the little fear monster comes to scare you. You have to roarrrrrrrr at that little brat called Fear!!!

Good Luck with your exams!!!

Mus Boleh!!!

Anonymous mus said...

Thanks for the reminder PJ! I will take it on board.

Good luck with your exams!

Anonymous ChrisssCrapino said...

Good luck with exams Mus et al... u all can do it!... Tout le monde boleh!...加油!!

p/s - Mus man, wat's with all the mild swear wordsSSs!!?!?... i was like :0 wen i saw the 'S' words duudeee your blog's supposed to be clean enough for my Kids mannnn... AHAHAHHA

Anonymous mus said...

Thanks man. Sorry about the language. I'm off to wash my mouth out with soap now.

By the way, I think it's just my computer but I can't leave comments on your blog cos I can't see the word verification thing. I'll sort my comp out in a bit man.


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