03 May 2006

Most wanted bodies

Today's wasting of revision time included seeing the end of World's Top 10 Most Wanted Bodies on VH1.

Firstly, this shows what crap you can get up to when you're bored from studying. Secondly, I have to say that I was very dissapointed not to have made the top 10.

I will be writing to VH1 to complain.

Shiling must have been on the selection committee. The picture was taken by her just before she told me to put my shirt back on and banned me from taking it off again...ever.

The belly is becoming an issue again. I've gone from using the third notch along my belt at the start of the year to using the second one along now. It's damn depressing. I blame it on essays and exams. And McDonalds. Not because I eat there but it just seems to be the trendy thing to do at the moment.

Evening runs will now be in order I think.


Blogger ling-a-ling said...


wats this picture i see? hahaha.. wats happening man!!

Anonymous mus said...

Shiling, the belly is burgeoning. Sorry man.

I hope you're doing your sit-ups. I haven't been doing mine but will do before the summer holidays so you won't have to tell me off if I see you.

Anonymous Rinocrapino said...

loook at ma seeeeksee boooodehhh....


Anonymous mus said...


Bud, you've got the Scottish accent. Now work on your Geordie!


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