09 May 2006

1000th visitor

I put the hit counter on the side bar about six weeks ago and it looks like we'lll soon be hitting the milestone of having the 1000th visitor to Who ate all the pies?. As a token of my gratitude to you, my beloved readers, I want to mark this not-quite-so-historic moment by giving away a prize to the 1000th visitor. In keeping with the name of the blog, I want to give away a pie.

If you come on to the blog and see the number 1000 on the hit-counter all you have to do is leave a comment saying "I win, I win, I win!" and I will buy you a pie of your choice*. The winner may also, if they please, have a picture of them and their pie placed right here on Who ate all the pies?. Some of you might come here and find you are only visitor 998. You will probably then click refresh twice so you can be number 1000. You are cheeky. I like that. If you do this, I will buy you two pies.

Thanks for your continued visits. I hope you're enjoying reading this blog as much as I am writing it.

(1) Cannot be a pork pie.
(2) If you live outside the UK, the interests of hygiene mean that I may not be able to actually send you the pie itself but I will send you some money so that you can buy a pie yourself.
(See how legal I am becoming. The big words give but the small words taketh away)


Anonymous Vaq said...

i win, win, i win!
i knew reading this blog wud pay off sumday...

Anonymous Mus said...

Woohoo! Rasskass wins!

OK mate, you got two options. Either you tell me what you want then I send it in the post (although it may get squashed) OR I get it for you the next time I visit Warwick or you visit London (after exams?). Let me know bud and I will give you your winnings.

Good luck with your exams fella.

Blogger ling-a-ling said...


i refreshed like 40 times.. so im number 1040. hahah does that mean i get 40 pies?
thanks yea!

Blogger 5gb49hz said...

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Anonymous mus said...

Sorry Shiling, too late man. 1000 was reached already. But I like your efforts so next time I see you I'll get you a pie.

Looks like the spammer was trying to get in on the act too. All I say to him is, unluckers Chuckers.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

mus, i must confess to refreshing a few times (8) to 'win' this prize. i am a cheat. however, as soon as i saw that ur friend also cheated (see ling-a-ling above^)my guilt evaporated. we'l have a pie-fest next time we meet, wheneva that may b.
and now, lemme take down that number, degree in two weeks...

Anonymous Pete said...

Hey Mus!

In answer to your question- that list was only a list of 5-star films that I myself own, and I don't have the Lion King as (sorry) it's not my fave. But, I looked it up on Empire for you- the original release was a mere 4-starrer, but when it got released on IMAX it was upped to 5. Hope that allows you to sleep at night.

Pete :-)

Anonymous mus said...

Vaq, you are a cheeky man but that's why I love you...in a totally just-friends way. I refer you to our Maudslay Road Blog for a reaction to your win.

Pete, cheers for the info mate. I can now sleep properly.


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