02 March 2006

Indo Night 2006

After the shambles of a trip down from Coventry that was Indo Night 2004, I wasn't holding my breath for the 2006 version. However, I have to say that I was mightily impressed. Indo Night 2006 was the balls. Hats off to the LSE and Imperial people who made it happen.

It was proper Indo right from the start. I brought my Korean friend from college and we arrived at 6pm when it was supposed to start. It shows that I'm losing my Indo touch. If someone in Jakarta tells you 6pm, it probably means 7.30. Al, Debi, Has, Kim and Jo joined us by 7pm and it still hadn't started yet. Typical Indonesian jam karet. I loved it. Most people were already sat down when we arrived though so we got put in to the hermit spot upstairs away from everyone else. Maybe I was wearing a bad deodorant or something.

There were loads of old school friends from BIS so it was like a mini-reunion:

Has, Chris, Me, Al, Jo.

The food was awesome. The portions were massive and the quality was really good. Jo had about three plates of rice and rendang. I was a proud man. All you girls take note: that is how to eat. None of this small portion of salad business.

The food was from Mawar in Edgware Road. When I asked the guy where the food was from I thought he said Bawang. This confused me because bawang means 'onion'. Why would anyone call their restaurant 'The Onion'? Then I saw the menu and it was Mawar (meaning 'Rose'), which makes much more sense.

As it was Indo Night I had to get in character and disturb the meal by insisting on a photo.

Has refused to get in this photo because, as always, he says that "photos are gay".

His come-uppance was not long in coming. There were some performances afterwards including two girls doing some jaipongan dancing. They obviously got bored of each other so they came in to the audience looking for men to go up and dance with them on stage. They picked on the wrong man - Has.

Has protested until Kim pushed him up on to stage. Grumpy Has up on stage busting a move. It was priceless.

Thanks all for a quality night!


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