24 February 2006

MSN laughing

I have had a little thought about MSN laughing. Things aren't as funny online as they are when seen or said in person. And how do you express the fact that you find something someone's said over the internet funny? Sometimes you even have to laugh at your own jokes to make sure the other person knows you've just told a joke. For example:

"You are ugly. hahaha."

If you don't put the 'hahaha' they might think you are actually calling them ugly. You can't hear sarcasm in an MSN message. You'd never laugh at your own jokes in real life. It's just embarrassing (OK, maybe sometimes I laugh at my own jokes but it is widely accepted that I am generally a fairly odd bloke) but you have to laugh at yourself on MSN to signify that you have just told a joke (no matter how bad that joke may be).

Also, how do you know people are really laughing? Are they laughing or just smiling or not even smiling but just pretending to laugh so they can humour you? I thought to myself, if I do an 'MSN laugh', am I actually laughing? Sometimes it's odd to laugh because if you're in a room with other people they don't understand what you're laughing at. All they see is you looking at a computer screen. It's like seeing people singing to themselves in their cars. You can't hear the music but you see their lips move and perhaps also their bodies sway. And they don't know you're watching them. It's really funny to look at.

I think the general translation for what my 'laughs' mean are as follows:

'haha' = I think it's funny but I probably haven't laughed. I may have smiled.

'hahahaha' = The thing said is funnier than something deserving only a 'haha'. Alternatively, the person I'm talking to has probably said something fairly rude that I know they think is funny but I don't but feel I have to humour them anyway. I guess that makes this the equivalent of a nervous laugh, as in the type of laugh you give when someone says "I am a member of a KKK". You hope they're joking so you laugh but inside you think it's not really that funny and you really hope they don't actually mean what they just said because, having met them, you would not be surprised if they really were a member of the KKK.

'ahhahahahahahahaha' = The thing said is genuinely funny. If I write this it probably means I have smiled.

'HAHAHA' = The thing said has tickled my funny bone. I have probably chuckled to myself while everybody around me wonders what I am laughing at while I stare at my computer screen.

'HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA' = Very funny joke. I may not have fully laughed but I have chuckled and am smiling for a longer period of time.

'HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH' = The thing said is the funniest thing I have heard all day. I am laughing for sure.

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA' = I am probably laughing really loud. The people around me in the room think I am nuts.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA' = It is unbelievably funny. I have probably stopped breathing from the laughter. Please call me an ambulance.


Blogger fe li ci a said...

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Blogger fe li ci a said...


Anonymous mus said...


Blogger Daffy said...

MUS! well said! very fitting for fel the laughing queen... =)

Anonymous mus said...

Yeah! I just realised I put the laughter in GREEN - Fel's colour. Maybe I am subconsciously associating MSN laughter with Fel haha.

(see, have to put 'haha' to show I'm trying to be amusing. How embarrassing.)

Blogger PJ said...

i normally put a stupid laughing bird emoticon to show that i am laughin (mildly)or a chucklin bear if im chuckling on msn... if i put LOL that means im probably fallin off my chair..
when i first read this entry fel's msn and real life laughter came to haunt me... :D

Blogger srividya sriram said...


Blogger fe li ci a said...

wat "fel's msn and real life laughter came to haunt me"

wat the helll....!!!!!

thanx for dedicating this entry to me mus.ahahah...(there you go...an anxious laugh..to cover up awkward silences.)

Anonymous mus said...

I also forgot AWBEBEFBJKFHIAHIDNEWBHDEIEI - this means the height of comedy has been hit as I am obviously laughing so hard that I'm just slamming the keyboard willy nilly.


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