03 February 2006


I normally like to keep this blog light-hearted. People have so many serious things to think about that I don't want to add to people's concerns by writing about 'big' issues. 'Big' things are normally the things that drive wedges between people. I don't spend an awful lot of time debating about such things because it's just not worth it in the wider context of life. We are ultimately one humanity. Each of us enters the world naked and leaves it naked so what is the point in arguing over our differences? The world is one.

However, all the arguments that have come as a result of the cartoons printed of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in various newspapers has unusually provoked me in to writing my opinion on the issue. And, as a Muslim, my opinion is this:

Yes, of course it is disrespectful of the press to print such things. They know Muslims will be upset by it yet they seek to prove a point about freedom of expression by printing it anyway. But how can Muslims react to this by doing things like burning the Danish flag? It is extremely hypocritical to get upset because someone has disrespected something important to us but then in turn disrespect something that is important to them, namely a symbol of thier nationhood and identity. It is not possible for me to say which side is in the right. To me, neither side is right. Both are in the wrong.

We are all different but in the end we are all the same. Every human being was created by God and it is therefore out of love and respect to Him that we love and respect one another. It is the only way we can get out of all the problems that we face in the world today.


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