26 February 2006

Shirts off

Cristiano Ronaldo got booked for celebrating his goal today by taking his shirt off. I think the ref's just jealous of Ronaldo's physique. If I had Ronaldo's physique I'd be whipping my shirt off every time. Heck, I'd probably take my shirt off even when the other team scored. If it was a really good goal I might even take my shorts off too.

I think I'm going to stop now before people start to think I am in fact batting for the other team.

PS. If anyone knows what 'Nacao Valente' means, please leave a translation in the comments section.


Blogger 89 said...

Translated it means ' MUS you sexy boy!'


Anonymous mus said...

Right, which one of you wags is this? Omaier? Vaq? Riyaz? Herr Hamid?

Omaier I know it's you - I've seen the way you look at me.

Blogger 89 said...

Well actually Mus it wasn't you I was looking at, it was the good looking girls behind you. Don't worry mate, you're secret love of premiership footballers remains a secret...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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