05 February 2006

Desperate to be Housewives

Announcing the arrival of the next big thing in world cinema: the legend that is Steph Ancell.

If you're at uni just to pick up a husband (you know who you are), or if you've ever felt that someone was trying to make you in to a husband (you also know who you are) and are around the Leeds area on 12th February then do pop round to Steph's for the World Premiere of her first film.

All you OCs out there may also be interested to know that the film also stars the great and gorgeous Georgie Hallet (Warrior, The Tempest, Return to the Forbidden Planet and pretty much all the plays that were on in the BTT between 2000 and 2002) and that the soundtrack was written by our very own Jon Opstad (Still Picture).

And if that's not enough, you even get popcorn and cake. What more can you ask for?


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