04 February 2006

Shearer's 201st

It's one of the greatest sights in English football. For the last fifteen years or so we've got used to seeing Alan Shearer's one armed salute after scoring a goal and today he did for the 201st record breaking time for Newcastle. His goal in their 2-0 win against Portsmouth means that he is now Newcastle's all time top goalscorer.

He's been a thorough pain in the arse when he's scored against Man Utd but I will miss seeing him play after he retires at the end of the season. There are very few strikers as good as him these days. People will be talking about him for many generations to come.

Shearer obviously does not read this blog but, just in case, congratulations on a great career Alan. You would have won more trophies if you'd signed for Man United all those years ago. If you get bored in your retirement next year, you can always sign for Reading.


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