28 January 2006

FA Cup day at the Madejski

I love the FA Cup. It's the peoples' competition. I went with Warren to see Reading try to cause an upset against Premiership Birmingham yesterday. We got a battling 1-1 draw and showed we can mix it with the big boys.

Forget the game itself though. My favourite part of the day was when the Public Adress Announcer came on after ten minutes with the following message:

"This is a message for Chris Hutchins. Will Chris Hutchins please go immediately to the hospital...your girlfriend has just gone in to labour." Whoever the proud new father was got a big cheer. Typical football fan. He obviously knew there'd be a chance his partner would be going in to labour yet he still comes along to watch his team play in the cup. The bloke behind me said "Can't she hold it until after the game?".It reminded me that football is not just about the 90 minute game. It's about the fans and the community around the team.

I love football fans. They're a funny bunch of people and just make me laugh. At the Arsenal v Wigan game on Tuesday, we sat behind this guy who was trying to make fun of the Wigan fans by saying they were a town of "fishers" and started shouting and pointing at them shouting "Hahaha! You're just a small town of fishers! Fishers! Fishers!" I think he meant Grimsby. Wigan is about 35 miles inland. His mates were laughing with him, thinking he was a genius. There was a guy on the bus to the stadium yesterday who was reading The Economist though. We figured he was on the wrong bus.

Football's about its supporters so here are some pics of what match day looks like from a supporter's eye-view with bus ride to stadium, funny mascot, match and dodgy burger van included.

The final score. Now for the replay at St Andrews on February 7th.


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