09 December 2005

Benfica 2 - 1 United: Out of Europe, Scousers happy

For the first time in 11 years, United are out of the Champions League at the group stages. To be honest, if you win only once in 6 matches and score only three goals you deserve to go out. All human things come to an end so it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that this has happened. It was going to happen one day anyway. Amidst all the gloom is the optimism that comes from the fact that United can concentrate on the league as Chelsea over exert themselves in Europe and can therefore win the Premiership (the more I tell myself this the more I believe it).

At least it also made some people happy, as I found out even before the final whistle had gone. The phone rang, I saw it was Omaier and I picked up:

Me: Hello (said awaiting having the piss being taken out of me).
Omaier: *laughs*
Me: I knew you would do that. This is not a good time.
Omaier: *laughs again* I'll call you later after the game ends. Enjoy it. I hope you lose.
Me: Thanks.

I phone Omaier back at the final whistle as a means of possibly staving off the piss-taking:

Me: Hello (again, said awaiting stick).
Omaier: *silence (but the type of silence where you can hear him smiling on the other side of the phone) followed by continued loud laughter*

It's great to know you'll get by with a little help from your friends.


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