23 November 2005

Warwick Weekend

Didn't take nearly enough photos over a fun weekend but Chris did and has stuck them on the Warwick05 blog. I drove up with Chris and Febri. Met them in Uxbridge. I was happy for the break in the drive when I picked them up because I was bursting for a piss like never before.

We noticed the new pink UniRider buses from Leamington to campus. Chris wanted a photo so I did a bit of cheeky driving jsut to get close enough to take one. Got a bit nostalgic as we came to campus ("Wah Feb...Sudah mulai nih, sudah mulai!"). We took some photos of our arrival on the top of Car Park 8. Looked like tourists and got wierd looks from people walking by.

Seeing all the Isoc lads was great on Friday. There was good banter as always at lunch and in the evening at Zaf's house. Dissapointed not to get some Pro Evo time in there but next time boys...that means you too Mawji. Football was fun. It was damn cold and I could feel my groin and calf muscles at snapping point for most of the game. Asif was in a t-shirt. Ali was in shorts. Nutters.

Spent the night in Vaq's room. It's a nice little pad. Thought I'd add to it by contributing to Vaq's staple diet of lucozade and chocolate weetabix minis. I wanted to take a photo of him sleeping in it when I left in the morning but thought against it.

Saturday afternoon was magic. Saw Febri, Fel, Richard and Eugenia as well as Hanna, which was a nice surprise. Eugenia and Richard were on top comic form as normal. Eugnia, I can never go in to a bathroom without studying the layout of tiles on the floor anymore. We went for a buffet at Five Rivers in Leam and I engaged in an unofficial eating competition with my old culinary consumption nemesis Fel. I think I won by 4 plates to 2 and a half but this result might not cont as Fel wasn't feeling so well. This was evident again when we walked up the parade when one minute she was saying how much she liked the cold and the next was screaming and running for the warmth of the car.

Then met Roy and went to AOR for tea. Had a good chat. Agnes continues to scare the living daylights out of me ("So Mus, tell me something interesting..."). Just joking. Thank you girls for the much appreciated scarf for my birthday. The girls looked very glamorous as they prepared for their night out so Roy and I left them to it.

I said goodbye to Vaq and Khalil at Rootes and then saw Vicki (my old manager) at the Arts Centre to wish her luck for her new job at Brum airport. She gave me my job at the Arts Centre and I am ever grateful for that because I loved working there.

Thank you all for a good time. I hope I come back to visit again soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Judging by the photo, some things never change...Mus is still THE ladies man, and Vaq STILL has a shocking dress sense!

Anonymous Mus said...

Two words to two comments: Trucking hat.


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