15 November 2005

The thing with winter

The thing with winter is that you have to wear more clothes. It was freezing cold the other day and I made the mistake of going for a run wearing shorts. It was cold and unpleasant and means I'll have to start using trackiebums, which I don't want to do because they impede your movement and there's something quite pleasant about feeling mud splat against your skin rather than cloth when you're running through fields and woods.

The added layers thing also got me on the train today as well. People (admittedly including myself) need to wear whopper coats to keep themselves warm and this means you get the squish on the chairs. A guy sat next to me and squeezed me up against the window. Someone sat next to him and squeezed him against me. It was cosy but too cosy. Bums were in contact and unless I wanted to sit on the luggage racks I was going to have to put up with it.

It's going to be cold until April and I need to get on the train everyday, which means relentless bum contact for the next 5 months. Wish me luck.


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