16 November 2005

Computer going away

Computer going away for repair. Don't know how long til it comes back but hopefully will still be able to do some quick cheeky posts from the school computers.

Been trying to back up some files just in case the proverbial hits the fan. Cool looking back at old photos and reviewing the music collection. Saw some shocking tunes that I had absolutely no hesitation in not backing up. For example, Mandy Moore's
I Want to Be With You,Ween's Ocean Man from the SpongeBob Squarepants soundtrack and Come Out and Play by Offspring. What was I thinking?

I also found some pics that I had no qualms about letting go of either:

We all learn from our mistakes.


Anonymous Mr Chriiiisss said...

Oh my Goodness Gracious... dude.......DUUUDDEEEE!!!

hahahahhaha... where do u get these kinda pics from?? =p


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