02 December 2005


I always get restless when I study. I can't sit down for long until I want to get up and do something else. In the course of doing my homework I tend to be in about four or five different positions to keep myself awake. The normal rotation involves sitting at my desk then getting fed up and bringing my books to the sofa and working on that, then perhaps moving to the bed and work sitting on that. I may then still get bored so I lie on my front and read like that. Seriously, I have so many ways of doing homework that I could write the karma sutra of study positions.

Today I found another wonderful position. I did the ironing but afterwards was too lazy to move the board back upstairs where it belongs so I just left it in the sitting room. I put my books on it and realised it was a comfortable height to stand and write so I ended up standing and using the board as a desk for a couple of hours. I recommend it to anyone. It's much easier to think and also you lull yourself in to a false sense that you're actually doing some form of excercise while studying because you're not sitting down.

I hasten to remind you, however, to switch the iron off and remove it before you start your work...


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