07 November 2005

Pro Evo FIVE

After yesterday's Real v Zaragoza game everyone was worried about Jonathan Woodgate's hamstring. While I do feel sorry for the guy, I must say I had other things on my mind. Behind the picture of him clutching his upper thigh is an advertising board with the words 'Pro Evolution Soccer 5'. Pro Evo 5! Woohoo! I'll be camping outside the shops for that one.

Well, that is rubbish actually. I'll probably just get someone from Indo to bring over a pirated copy for 15p.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

we'v had it at uni for last month or so, downloaded the full game off net. not bad, much slower than 4, better graphics and game moves much betta but the slowness kinda offputting. i reckon i prefer 4...

Anonymous Mus said...

Vaq, you have left a comment. It is an amzing moment in the development of this blog. I can see flying from here.

I'll give you a game when I come up mate!


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