10 November 2005

Being very very careful

My computer went a bit doolaly last week. The battery hasn't wanted to recharge sometimes. I think there's something wrong with the adaptor lead because it'll only charge when I stick it in at a very specific angle. Last night it didn't want to charge at all.

I managed to get it going by complete accident. I'd left it on the floor of the sitting room while I was trying to get it to charge. I just left it there after I gave up trying for about twenty minutes to work it. When I got up I accidentally kicked it and voila! The beast came alive. Problem now is that I don't want to move it a single inch in case it turns off again. Seriously. This thing is staying on the floor connected to the mains whatever happens and I am sitting on the floor twisted between the sofa and the phone table while I type.

It'll be like this until Wednesday when the PC repair people are going to come and get this baby to fix it. Apparently they have to send it to Belgium to get it done. The computer gets to go to Belgium because it refuses to work.

I want to go to Belgium. If I get knackered and refuse to study will someone come and take me to Belgium to get fixed up? My back hurts already. I want to go to Belgium.


Anonymous PJ said...

I want to go to Beligium too!!


We just dun have the Life of a PC.

Have a fab weekend, Mus!


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